Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Driving Test

I have a test tommorow at 8.30 am please pray. That I will do good in my driving test....That I will pass tomorrow Thank you Joseph.


  1. I did well!!!!!!!I pass my test today......So I have now a permit,I was soo happy.......If you go to my Moms blog you will see a picture of me and you will read the blog that Mom email....I was nervous but I did well......So now I have to drive with My Mom and Dad on the road till I'm ready to pass my test....Thank you for praying and I will see you letter.......Joseph

  2. Way to go, Joe! Congratulations!! :-D I'm sure you will be an extremely careful driver.

    Nice work on your blog here. You've done a terrific job!

  3. So happy you passed your test! What a terrific blog you have. I love all the pictures of your family!

  4. I'm Harmony's sister and I read your mom's blog. Congratulations on getting your permit that's awesome! I think you are doing a great job with your blog and look forward to reading more. Hope you had a good dinner celebrating :)