Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home study

Hi every body.....
We have good news about our 1800 from U S C I S....
Were SO happy so now we will mail all our paper work to Bulgaria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have allot of bible verse to share with you today.............
To redeem those under the law,
so that we might receive adoption
as sons.....
That sin that we should fiat for every child even if the law is very bad.Like God fate for us...
Then Jesus replied to her ,"Woman,your faith is great
Let it be done for you as you want".
and from that moment her daughter was cures......

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Grandad

Please pray for my Grandad.........He is in the hospital ....He passed away today, May 19 at 2:05pm. We are all very sad right now.

.Thank you

Dad and I and some of my brothers and sisters went to Washington D.C Last Saturday..

That my Mom and my nephew at N.C

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Read my blog more

Hi My name is Joseph!I'm 19,my Mom and Dad adopted me when I was 15.My mom and dad adopted 16 more children.Mya 7,Luke 7,Lily 9,Josiah 9,Isaac 12,Caleb 10,Jonas 14,Tia 12,Anna 13,Leah 15,Rachel 15,Nataly 15,Cate 16,Jacob 17,Olivia 17,and Abraham 26.I want to share something about my mom and dad.They started adopting in their late twenties.First child they had adopted is Abraham.He was adopted in 1986 from Mexico,he was 2 and blind.Later they felt that God was telling them adopt more.So in 2002 they adopted Isaac,Lily and Jacob from Russia.A year later in 2003 they brough home 3 more Anna,Mya,and Josiah from Russia.One thing I want to tell you about Mya 12 families refused to adopt her,because she had major special needs.When my parents heard that ........... and they saw her their heart was broken.They knew right away God wanted them to take the step forward and save the babys life. Later in 2004 they felt like God wanted them to adopt more.This time they went to Ukraine and Adopted Nataly and Luke.When they met Luke the child had so much special needs his heart,cleft-palate,his legs,and he will never walked ever.Mom and Dad were blessed with Luke's mother for not doing an abortion.People refused to adopt him,and were saying that he will never walk.They were so wrong! I wish you all can see him now.Yep,he is walking,he had a succesful heart surgery and his cleft-palate looks great! Well he still needs some more surgeries,but it was nothing people couldn't fix right?When they were adopting those two children they met me.I never knew this,but a year later they came back for me. The funny thing is they never adopt one they adopt more then one they adopt me and they also adopt two girls Cate and Leah.It was crazy we had 17 that time,and you would think at that rate we would stop right?NOT a chance,because in 2008 Mom and Dad went back to Ukraine with God's calling ofcource and got......5 more .Rachel,Olivia,Tia,Jonas,andCaleb and trust me it wasn't easy,but the children added so much greatness,to our family and loudness with that was it right? The END.NOT!!!!!We are planing to get 2 more from Bulgaria soon.We named them Gracie Jane and Andrew Seth.We can't wait to bring them home.Andrew Seth is blind........Now i want to talk about my Mom and Dad,they gave to 17 children a new life and new home .When i was born my mom left me in the hospital ,soo later i went to a orphanage and i spend 15 years with out my Mom and Dad ,but now i felt like their are my real Mom and Dad .... They done over 50 surgerys in lest 5 years..Now you think wow- wow ...People asking how do you feed them ,or how big house ,do you have or how many cars you have???? My dad have a great job, we have a big house,and we have 4 cars ... My Mom gos shopping for our food every week twise aweak to Wal-mart and Sams-club .We eat out twise aweak.Mom has been homeschooling for 23 years.Their are so many things I could saw about my Parents, but i hope this email will speak for itself, I also hope that however reads it will be blessed. Thank you very mach and God bless you ................. We are one big happy family

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Sunday It was Mother's Day
Happy Mothers Day!
Mom you are a special woman today. You gave life to 22 plus children............
We are very special to have you as our Mom... Mom thank you for everything
that you've done for us..... When we are sad you make us happy. When we are
hurt you make the pain less painful. You are the best Mother ever!!!!!!!! Thank you
Mom for giving me a chance to be your son! Happy Mother's Day Mom! Mom everyday
you teach us new things and words........ Thank you Mom.. Thank you for not refusing to adopt
us..I really love to live here with you and Dad,and I would never want to live anywhere else.
Mom thank you for always being there when we need you............

Her son rise up and call her blessed
Her husband also praises her......

She is our wonderful Mom
She adopted us
She loves us
She would never leave us Like God said:He would never leave us and never forsake us Hebrews13:5
She cares for us
She is always there for us
She cares about orphans kids
She cooks good meals
She is smart
She always teaches us
She is very special Mom
She is like an angel
She protects us
She is relly,relly,blessed.....

I LOVE YOU MOM ...................................

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is Wednesday I am off it fell soo nice.......Last Sunday was Mothers Day we hade a good Day I spend more time with my Mom and my Brothers it was a good Day.......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today is Wednesday May 5.Every Wednesday we go to Church.Past 8 Wednesday I have been trying to pass my written drivers test,but I have failed.It is very hard when you fail.One thing I want to tell you about is Mom and Dad they might be mad in their heart,but they always try to encourage you in the nice ways.One thing is if I was still in Ukraine no body would encourage me.They would not even think about you.I am happy to have a family like this.I can't wait to pass my test,soo I can drive my family around............WE ARE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY..........

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When my familly brought home five more I was thinking that we would stop

adopting but my Mom and Dad found two more children ......I am so

happy to have a big family like this........
I am so happy to be in this family............
Here are pictures of Gracey
Jane and Andrew Seth..
I can't wait see my new
brother and sister.......

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes my Mom and Dad adopting two more their name is Gracey Jane and Andrew Seth.........

Saturday, May 2, 2009

That me and my family,and my little sister Mya