Thursday, June 17, 2010

Talking about Mom

Alot of you know that I had no parents for 15 years.... When I heard that I have family that want to adopt me I was so happy... I had mom know for 5 years.Not alot of people can talk about your mom on the computer but I can......My mom more to me than just been mom, she is like a best freind every...My mom will be 52 in November but she have alot off energy....Like you see all the pic of her with the children or grandchildren....That her life............You cant ever find mom like her .....I love you mom and you are the best ever................THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING


  1. What a lovely tribute to a very lovely mom!
    You bring her so much joy also. :)
    And, I'm OLDER than her by 2 months! LOL

  2. Your mom (and your dad, too) simply amaze me! They are such wonderful people! And so are you!

  3. My boys don't say anything out loud about me (at least not where I can hear); I hope they care for me with half the affection you have for your mother.

    Gratitude is a blessed thing. One of my favorite books is called "Gratitude" and the title goes on to express that gratitude is the "Heart of Prayer". I think it is a wonderful grace to be thankful. So few people are.