Wednesday, July 22, 2009

About Adopting

Hi every body...Today is Wednesday July 22 ....My Mom and Dad been away..So today that their fourth day in the Orphanage...My Mom went to adopt two more a girl and a boy..Today they visiting a Dancho....Here are some pictures of him...................He is very tiny.......He remind me of Abraham when he was little..........I can't wait when he get home .......You know what?????????????????They feed him with a baby bottle at the age of 4,can you belive ???????????/I can!!!!!!!!!!!!They give him one bottle of milk and one bottle of tea......That mean that they don't have alot of money....That why he is soo tiny....I can wait to see my new brother and a new sister.....That O rphanage need alot of help and we need to step up and help those children....My Mom shaire that alot of babys will not live to long because they don't have alot of food or money...Pray and think what wood God want me to do......PLEASE VISIT MY MOMS BLOG............BLESSED BY A CHILD...THANK YOU



  1. Joe,
    Thanks for updating. You did a great job. 1 bottle of milk and one bottle of tea isn't much. Poor baby. I know you will help take great care of him. :)

  2. Thank you for been one the same page us me...Joe

  3. He is just the most beautiful little boy! I am so happy for him that he has found his mom and dad and a great big brother to love and help him! It is so sad to see how tiny he is, and to know that he is not the only one! My heart goes out to him!

    Makes me want my girls home all the more, praying they are getting enough food. :(

    You are right, we can do more!

  4. Thank you for been on the same pages us me and my family...I ask my self today what if every family adopt 2 children from the Orphanages?????They wont be no more Orphanages and I will fill so much better for the children and their familys that found thouse children......You know thouse children need familys and that is are job to help found family for thouse children that still have a change to call Mom or Dad and call a family...WE CALL OUR FAMILY IS ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY WHEN WE BRING TWO MOE BUETIFUL CHILDREN HOME....Joseph